Investing in Gold is a Safe, Low-Risk Investment

Low-Risk Investing

Investing can be extremely tricky.  With so many different options available and so many people to “help” deciding how to maximize your money can easily become confusing and frustrating.  With a market that is constantly changing how do you find the best ways to invest.

One of the best options investing for people is to put their money into gold.  Gold has been known as a valuable commodity since ancient times.  Many well-known celebrities such as Alan Thicke, Lars Larson, and Laura Ingraham are strong supporters of building their retirement portfolio with gold.  And for good reason.

Gold has been well documented as a low-risk investment.  Despite the low risk, it commonly produces a high reward.  Options with such a minimal chance of failure that also offers the potentially high payoff aren’t easy to find.  Almost every investment with a potentially large return carries an equally large risk attached to it.

One of the biggest reasons for the low risk with the high reward is that simple inflation will increase the value of any gold you own.  Inflation is almost as certain to happen as death and taxes.  Gold is possibly the only investment that will protect you from skyrocketing inflation.  This is in contrast to many paper-based options such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  Each of these will see their results weakened by inflation.  This impact combined with being less stable makes it easy to see why they aren’t necessarily the ideal choice.  This was evident when the market crashed in 2008, and many saw their portfolios either drop or in some cases collapse completely.  If they had hedged in gold, they would have been able to come through the drop in the market just fine.

There are many reasons why gold is able to come through when other investments might fail.  One is that it has real world uses in many different areas that make it consistently needed.  Most people think of jewelry and gold leafing on fancy homes, boats, and buildings.  What they many forget is that it’s actually used in many more vital ways.  It’s used in almost every sophisticated electronic device which includes cell phones, computers, and GPS units.  It’s also used in many different aerospace technologies such as those being designed NASA as well.  With technology making electronics more and more disposable the need for gold in electronics will only increase over time.


Another factor keeping it stable is that it can’t be reproduced or manufactured.  This means that no matter what happens there is never going to be a way to increase the supply artificially.  This will keep the supply levels controlled and can work as a protection against corrupt governments that many times try to manipulate the markets for their own benefit.

Diversifying your portfolio is always a good strategy.  Including gold is an easy way to increase the growth while protecting your investments from the changing market at the same time.


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