Protect Your Money – Convert or Rollover Your 401k to Gold


An existing 401k or another qualified retirement plan, may be able to convert or rollover into precious metals such as silver. Most of these accounts can be fully or partially converted to a gold IRA. These transactions are typically tax free and incur no penalties. All of this material is clearly explained in the free information kit below. The process is easy, especially with all of the information at your fingertips and the assistance of specialists. 401k plans from a current employer may be more difficult to convert or rollover, but the experts at Regal Assets can assist you through the appropriate steps to protect your money.

It’s time to take action. Many people have spent years watching their retirement funds flutter up and ultimately down again. No more shifting funds from one stock to another in hopes of a big gain. No more “sure things” from brokers that don’t pan out. No more fees for transactions that don’t improve your portfolio. No more feeling helpless in the economic landscape. Take action now to protect yourself begin to convert your 401k to gold today.

Get the Free Investment Kit and read about the available rollover opportunities. Just signing up and getting the kit isn’t enough to protect yourself. Take the time to read all of the included materials. Learn the implications of investing in precious metals. Find out how you can control and change your economic future. Research each concept for full understanding. Examine current investments to see where you can convert to a gold 401k rollover.

Protect yourself today. Refuse to spend one more day wondering about how you’ll afford retirement. Take a step into the ring with the billionaire investors. Rollover your 401k into a safer precious metals IRA. Safeguard your investments. Take control and convert your portfolio NOW.

A New Direction 

Many people are bemoaning the loss of their 401k due to the economic downturn. Despite these complaints, investors continue to follow traditional routes even though they are not providing enough return and not do not protect investments.

Those who have converted into investing in silver have prospered. Gold 401k rollovers are blazing a new trail instead of continuing to follow along with others trying to recoup their losses within the system that caused the initial losses.
The process is easy and a diversified portfolio is necessary for recovering loss assets and providing protection from potential future losses.

Who Invests in Precious Metals? Billionaires

John Paul DeJoria, of Paul Mitchell Hair Company, was asked where he would invest one million dollars. His answer was, “25 percent in gold, 25 percent in silver, 25 percent in NYSE blue-chip stocks that pay a dividend and 25 percent between Asian and European blue chips that pay a dividend.”
Billionaire hedge fund managers John Paulson and George Soros have both invested heavily in precious metal 401k rollovers.
Even celebrities Dennis Miller and Alan Thicke recommend protecting yourself by converting to a gold 401k rollover retirement account.
According to some of the most wealthy people in the world converting to precious metals is a good way to diversify and protect yourself from financial disaster.


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