Why Gold?

Currency Values

During economic disruptions, some currencies end up failing. They are replaced or reformed due to devaluation. History is full of examples, including the Argentinian Peso, Angola’s Kwanza, Yugoslavia’s Dinar, and Zimbabwe’s dollar. The Great Depression will certainly never be forgotten in America.

The failed currencies were often related to hyperinflation. This is a condition in which prices are out of control to the point of meaninglessness. This causes a loss of currency value as prices continue to rise.
Gold is immune to hyperinflation. It is not related to paper currency. While its value may fluctuate, it generally increases as investors seek solid, secure, safe ways to protect their assets. Precious metals are reliable and retain value throughout economic fluctuations.


The U.S. dollar has not been backed by gold since 1971. This has allowed our national debt to spiral out of control and our dollar to lose value at an alarming rate. Each and every citizen feels the effects when they take out their wallet in the checkout line.

Look at Current Trends Overseas

Our country is way behind in joining the Gold investment trend. China has seen the value of Gold for centuries and is continuing to view it as precious as well as a positive investment.

In fact, the Chinese government is actively encouraging citizens to invest in gold and silver. They want their national wealth to diversify and move away from the dollar. Banks sell gold and silver bouillon and employers suggest that employees request gold at the bank when cashing their paychecks. China is the only country that is actively urging citizens to buy precious metals.

Who Invests in Gold? Billionaires

Many people are bemoaning the loss of their savings due to the economy. Despite these complaints, investors continue to follow traditional routes even though they are not providing enough return on investments.

Those who have diversified into investing in silver or gold have prospered. Making a gold IRA investment or gold IRA rollover is blazing a new trail instead of continuing to follow along with others trying to recoup their losses within the system that caused the initial losses.
The process is easy and a diversified portfolio is necessary for recovering loss assets and providing protection from potential future losses.

Earn Losses Back

Don’t feel desperate. It isn’t too late to change investment strategies. Research, read, find out more, and then get started.
Continuing to risk retirement funds is not an option. Obtaining guidance and investing in a way that preserves and builds a portfolio is the best way to move forward. Devote yourself to a plan for no more losses. Start the journey towards making gains.


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